Six months in jail for rallies, sit-ins in Balochistan



New ordinance issued in the wake of recent protests

Posted: Nov 27, 2021 | Last Updated: 3 hours ago

Balochistan University students protest on a road in Queta in November 2021. FILE Photo: SAMAA

Governor Balochistan Syed Zahoor Agha has promulgated the Criminal Law Balochistan Amendment Ordinance that prescribes up to six-month in jail for anyone holdings a rally or staging a sit-in on roads in the province.

The ordinance comes in the wake of recent protests in the province. Last week, a sit-in was staged in Gwadar to protest the unavailability of potable water for the local population.

Earlier in November, Balochistan University students protested the alleged abduction of two of their colleagues and staged sit-ins in Quetta.

According to the government officials, the new ordinance takes effect immediately throughout the province and bans rallies, processions and sit-ins in streets and on roads or highways.

Violators of the ordinance could face three to six months imprisonment and a fine of up to Rs 10,000, according to officials.

The ordinance further says that people from rallies and sit-ins can be arrested without a warrant.

Sessions courts and first-class magistrates will be able to impose imprisonment and fines.







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