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ISLAMABAD: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has allowed cross-stuffing of containerised cargo under Afghan transit trade at any approved off-dock terminals (ODT) in Karachi and Gwadar.

The FBR issued SRO 1908(I)/2022 here on Monday to amend the Customs Rules, 2001.

According to the new procedure, the cross-stuffing of containerized cargo under Afghan transit trade shall be allowed both inside seaport terminal where cargo arrived as well as at any approved off-dock terminals (ODT) at separately demarcated areas.

The cross stuffing of cargo shall be allowed inside seaport terminals in the following cases only: Non-containerized cargo; controlled substances as listed in the prevailing Afghanistan Pakistan Transit Trade Agreement (APTTA); heavy packages which cannot be stuffed in the container; and cargo of over-dimension, to be determined by Assistant or Deputy Director (Examination), on case-to-case basis.

The ‘approved off-dock terminals’ means the off-dock terminals in Karachi and Gwadar which have been approved for cross stuffing of Afghan transit cargo by the Directorate of Transit Trade (Operations), Karachi/Gwadar, keeping in view the adequacy of space, infrastructure, equipment and over all preparedness for cross stuffing.

Whereas the ‘cross stuffing’ means transfer of goods from one container to another container or any other mode of transportation which is approved for DR operations, in the premises of the port or at off-dock terminal under customs supervision and shall also include transfer of bulk or non-containerized reverse transit cargo into open trucks of approved transport operators at land border station, FBR added.

At the time of filing of GD the Customs Computerized System (CCS) shall provide the option for cross stuffing. In case it is so opted, the trader or his representative shall be asked by CCS to enter the specified information, FBR stated.

The inter-port movement of cargo destined for off-dock terminal shall be allowed through licensed bonded carriers.

The terminal operator shall be responsible for the integrity, security and proper cross stuffing of the cargo. The logistic companies, bonded carrier, clearing agents and off-dock terminals owning minimum of 25 containers compliant to Container Safety Convention 1972, fitted with Convention for Safe Containers (CSC) plate, bearing maximum weight carrying capacity and year of manufacture, can register with customs for provision of empty containers for cross-stuffing of transit cargo.

The upper limit of tariff and allied charges etc with respect to provision of this service shall be determined by a committee comprising of all Directors of Transit Trade in consultation with the stakeholders and shall be notified by the Director, Transit Trade (Operations), Karachi. Violation of tariff and allied charges so ascertained shall result in de-registration of the entity, FBR rules added.

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