Unknown Gunmen Kill Two Pakistani Army Personnel, Injure One in Gwadar, Balochistan

QUETTA (Balochistan): Baloch Human Rights Organization has received reports of enforced disappearance of 46 people including 3 students during the month.

On February 1, 2019, security forces raided a house in Talamb Mand of Kech district and whisked away 4 people. The abductees are identified as Ahmed Yar Mohammad, Shaho Ameen, Dad Allah Ameen and Nawaz Dostain. Ahmed Yar Mohammad and Shaho Ameen were later released while the whereabouts of Dad Allah and Nawaz are still unknown.

Separately, on the same day, forces stormed in Jathani Bazar Dasht and forcefully disappeared Ishaq Ibrahim and Rahim Dad Umaithan.

On February 2, forces invited Sakhi Dad Noordin to the army camp in Gandchahi area of Kolwa in Awaran district from where he didn’t return back.

Pakistani military incursions on a daily basis have made the life of people difficult to move freely as a free citizen in their homeland.

Abdullah, Obaid and Mulla Khan Mohammad are whisked away by forces from Ornach area of Khuzdar district on Feb 4.

The continuous and consecutive raids of state forces on locals’ homes have established fear and insecurity in everyone’s heart in Balochistan.

A total number of 17 people were abducted from Awaran and Kech districts of Balochistan during raids and military operation on February 9.

According to details, security forces raided the house of Dado Bago and Gul Mohammad Pir Mohammad in Loop area of Peerander, district Awaran and forcefully disappeared them. Gul Mohammad’s home was ignited and burnt down into ashes by forces. Both of them were released 15 days earlier from the custody of forces.

During a military operation in Ferozi Dasht area of Balgathar, Panjgur district, forces arrested and disappeared Niaz Bahar, Rajab Mehrab, Zaman Mohammad, Nizar Ghafoor, Feroz Umaithan, Waheed Issa, Noor Khan Fazal and Wahab Hakeem while Barkat Qadir Bakhsh, Ali Bakhsh Sahibdad and Qadir Bakhsh were whisked away from Peerandar Awaran.

Similarly, Karim Jan Allahdad, Phullan Allahdad, Asadullah Pasund and Karim Khuda Bakhsh were forcefully disappeared from Jhao Awaran.

On February 15, two residents of Jalagi Zamuran were abducted by forces during a raid on their homes. They are identified as Shah Bakhsh Noor Bakhsh and Dad Shah Ishaq.

On February 16, the security forces raided a house in Balochabad area of Mand in Kech district and abducted Mansoor Shapi.

Similarly, on the same day, 2 people were forcefully disappeared from Goburd area of Mand during house to house search. They are identified as Sattar Dilwash and Shahid Gul Mohammad.

Ahmad Adenag, a labor and ex-Frontier Corps personnel was abducted from Jalagi Zamuran on February 17, 2019.

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