Pak, China scientists discuss natural disasters under CPEC framework

ISLAMABAD – The China-Pakistan Joint Research Centre on Earth Science (CPJRC), jointly initiated by Higher Education Commission, Pakistan Academy of Science, and Chinese Academy of Sciences, held a leading conference in Chengdu, China, themed as CPEC Earth Science Sustainable Development – Natural Disasters and Risks.

The conference focused on the scientific and technological challenges of CPEC, including the prevention and control of threats such as earthquake, mountain disasters, meteorological disaster and marine distress, and desertification, and reviewed the relevant works and achievements in recent years.

The conference was held both online and offline in Chengdu and Islamabad. About 30 experts and scholars attended the conference, and more than 100 panels watched the conference online.

More than 10 well-known experts from both sides were specially invited to present academic reports.

Gao Liang, the Inspector of Science and Technology Department of Sichuan Province, thanked all the experts from Pakistan and China for their care and support for the scientific and technological innovation work in Sichuan province.

At the same time, he hoped that scientific and technological workers from both sides could build consensus through the event and formulate academic research plans in the field of natural disasters and risks faced by the development of CPEC.

Cui Peng, Chief Scientist and Director of CPJRC, said that through the conference CPJRC focus on the scientific and technological challenges of CPEC natural disasters and risk management, and conduct in-depth discussions on these issues.

Chen Gang, the Deputy Director of Chengdu Science and Technology Bureau, attended the conference and delivered a speech.

Meanwhile, several academic reports were released including Mega-flood events in the eastern Tibetan Plateau: constrained by high-energy flood sediment (Liu Weiming, Researcher of SAC), Geohazards – 2005 earthquake as an Example from Pakistan (Naveed Ahsan, Professor of University of Punjab Pakistan), the great earthquake and tsunami potential at Makran subduction zone: constrained by geological and geodetic observations (Qiu Qiang, Researcher of SAC), and so on.

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