Pak Army’s Services for the Homeland

It is really sad that our politicians start blaming the establishment whenever they face failure in their politics. Every civilian ruler levels allegations against Pak Army the minute he is ousted from the government. Unfortunately, it has become a fashion in this country to criticize the army and blame the establishment for its failures. I have discussed in my previous columns how our politicians provide an opportunity for the army to correct their wrongdoings. It is the weakness of our politicians that they fail to deliver on many fronts while inviting the army to turn the table in the right direction.

Unfortunately, it has become the favourite hobby of our politicians to name the army chief at every moment whenever they meet a failure. To discuss the Pak Army is the favourite subject of some politicians and journalists in a desperate attempt to get cheap fame. Some of them are fulfilling the agenda of enemy forces by criticising the Pak Army. They become part of the propaganda campaign launched by the enemy forces to malign our army, but they will fail in their nefarious design. Despite the propaganda campaign, the love and respect of the people of Pakistan for its armed forces is matchless. Our people are very well aware of the services of the Pak Army for this country. The army played an exemplary role when Pakistan was there on the grey list of FATF. It was the Pak Army that played the leading role in normalising the relations of Pakistan with Saudi Arabia and China. It is due to the efforts of the Pak Army that the CPEC is here at full pace. From helping its people in times of natural disasters to reviving sports activities in the country, the active role of the Pak Army must be credited. There is no segment left in the country where the Pak Army did not play its role. Basically, these are the tasks to be performed by the civilian institutions, but the army has to intervene after the failure of civilian government just in the larger interest of this country.

We should all work together to further strengthen our troops in this difficult time, instead of criticising the army for nothing.

The Pak Army has always come to play its role to put the country on the path of progress and development. Chief of Army Staff Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa went abroad to lobby for Pakistan just for the sake of this country. He has been seen visiting Saudi Arabia, US and China to normalise the ties of Pakistan with all world powers and brotherly countries. We have also seen just recently that COAS visited all the flood-affected areas of Pakistan to personally monitor relief activities. A person must be appreciated when he is doing so many tasks singlehandedly, but the situation is different here in Pakistan. Instead of being praised, the Pak Army faces criticism at the hands of politicians. The army has to perform political functions whenever the politicians fail to deliver by filling the vacuum created by the politicians.

Just have a look at the statement of Imran Khan, in which he said that he did not enjoy absolute power, during his stint as the prime minister, and that his powers were curtailed by the establishment. Imran Khan is continuously on the path of self-destruction since his ouster from the prime minister’s office. I only want to ask him who stopped him from building new hospitals, new roads, new schools and developing infrastructure. Was it the failure of the army that Imran Khan couldn’t control inflation? Was it the mistake of the establishment that Imran Khan kept giving high positions to his close relatives? Was it the mistake of the army that the largest province of the country was handed over to an incompetent person like Usman Buzdar? It was the choice of Imran Khan himself and the result is for everyone to see. Buzdar was an utter failure, and it was really unfortunate for Punjab to have him as its Chief Executive.

There is a dire need for the criticism of the Pak Army in political gatherings to be stopped immediately. India must be very happy these days, as its job is being performed by our politicians.

We should all work together to further strengthen our troops in this difficult time, instead of criticising the army for nothing. It is worth mentioning here that the services of Gen Bajwa, as COAS, will always be remembered. Pakistan was severely hit by the COVID-19 pandemic during his tenure, but it was the army that helped its people during a hard time. Not a single patriotic Pakistani can ever think of criticising his army. Such things are best left to enemies.

The writer is an old Aitchisonian who believes in freedom of expression, a freelance columnist, entrepreneur and social activist.

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