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China’s outgoing Deputy Chief of Mission (DCM) in Pakistan Lijian Zhao has urged people of Pakistan to keep supporting China and the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) because China sincerely supports Pakistan.

Taking to Twitter on August 9, the Chinese DCM, who has completed his service in Islamabad, shared his gratitude for the treatment he has received during his cumulative stay of over eight years in Pakistan.

“A big thank you Pakistan. If you love Pakistan, please support China and support China-Pakistan Economic Corridor! Because China sincerely supports the Pakistani people, because China is your well-wisher!”

In another tweet, the diplomat said: “When my successor arrives, my days are numbered. It’s time to go. I really want to drive the plane away and stay back. With a more senior and competent replacement, I hope you may support her as you supported me. Thanks a million!”.

Pang Chunxue has been appointed as the Chinese embassy’s new deputy chief of mission. Chunxue is a senior diplomat, who has served in the United Kingdom, and Afghanistan and first came to Pakistan almost 20 years ago in a junior position in the late 1990s.

Zhao, a popular figure in the diplomatic circles in Islamabad, had served in Islamabad on more than one occasion, cumulatively spending more than eight years in Pakistan. Also, he was the first who effectively leveraged social media to explain the Chinese aspect and to clarify confusion and rumors surrounding Pakistan-China ties and CPEC.

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‘Pakistan has won my heart’

Before leaving, Zhao won Pakistanis’ hearts once again when he shared an old video of a Chines man playing Pakistan’s national anthem on violin. He also wished Eid and Independence Day greetings.

“Before I left Pakistan, may I wish double happiness in advance to my friends in Pakistan! Eid Mubarak and Happy Independence Day! Oh! This song is so dear & familiar! Pakistan has won my heart,” he tweeted.

Earlier, Zhao said that he was leaving Pakistan with a heavy heart because Pakistan has stolen his heart.

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“I am leaving Pakistan with a heavy heart, because Pakistan has stolen my heart, and I have to leave now,” he said in a Twitter post.

Zhao was born in the Hebei province, China in 1972. He obtained a master’s degree in political affairs and joined the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1996. As a junior diplomat, he has served in Washington.

Between 2013 and 2015, he served as the director of the Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh Office in the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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