Is Gwadar International Airport Pakistan’s largest?

On March 29, 2019 Prime Minister Imran Khan performed the groundbreaking ceremony for the new international airport in Gwadar and called it Gwadar International Airport.

The airport is funded by the Chinese government along with the sponsorship by Civil Aviation Authority plus it will be constructed by a Chinese airport construction group. Furthermore, it was said to be finished within three years. The airport will be used for the purpose of international and domestic route travel and will be capable of handling a combination of ATR 72, airbus and Boeings. The airport will accommodate the world’s largest passenger plane. It will be the country’s largest airport with approximately a 12,000 kilometre long runway while the second runway will be added as per the requirement. The Gwadar airport will be built on 4,300 acres, which is with the comparison of other airports much bigger.

PM Imran Khan said that Gwadar had become an engine of growth for the country. In addition, he says that while this city along with Balochistan province is giving much more for the betterment of the country; hence, increasing the economic growth, it is Prime Minister’s duty to fix their problems first, also will develop the deprived areas of Balochistan and then processed ahead toward remaining provinces of Pakistan. Moreover he said, “When you empower people on a village level, it will help development. We have to make sure that development is inclusive. The more we focus on Balochistan, the more it will develop and Pakistan along with it.” Gwadar city will be a change agent for the province further for the country as well. Beside this federal Minister for planning and development Khusro Bakhtiar announced that Balochistan would get a big share in the next public sector development programme as the Federal government would give top priority to Gwadar, which would emerge as an economic hub of Pakistan. While Gwadar would be connected to the national grid. It will also strengthen or sustain the bond between China and Pakistan.

Most importantly, the Gwadar airport has been already included in the city’s master plan.

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