Egocentric PDM

A coalition of eleven parties (PDM) is merely an egocentric alliance rather than being a people-centric union. The leaders of this association talk volumes to blow their own trumpets to reap political gains and satisfy their ego. Thus, the 18th Amendment, metro projects, students scholarships and the “Missing Persons” issue are the main playgrounds for the PDM leaders.

Is it apt to call it a movement? No! The leaders in an anti-government political movement always rely on a single narrative rather than varieties of narratives. Each of the PDM leaders has a different say. Each is convincing others to adopt a hardcore stance against the government and the institutions. Besides, the main stakeholders in a democratic setup are people whose minds are being shaped-up by PDM leaders to revolt against the institutions. Most surprisingly, one of a party head in PDM Lahore rally made himself a laughing stock after talking about the rights of the Baloch people. I must clear, a minister from his own party illegally posted a 14-grade officer to a 16-grade post by replacing a commissioned officer already posted on that very position in Southern Balochistan. Was he talking about Baloch’s rights on the basis of political favouritism as his minister has done? It doesn’t stop here. 

Another leader Bilawal Bhutto, during his visit and VIP protocol and closed routes in Lyari, took the life of a baby girl who couldn’t reach timely to hospital, while ANP’s contributions to Pakistan’s development were visible in the shape of Railway ministry during 2008-2013. On the flip side, it is the army that supports people during natural disasters, law and order and equally protects the borders and the honour of the country.



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