‘CPEC MoUs will turn into agreements on PM’s trip to China’

The Office of the Governor has assumed a vital role in the CPEC, especially that of Sindh. The party ruling the federal, also luckily enjoys government in three other provinces, which makes it relatively easier to streamline things between federal government and provinces. Sindh is the only province where the provincial government is from another political party.

CPEC is a project of national interest beyond any provincial boundaries, and for the greater good of the country, I, as the federation’s representative in Sindh, try and include the Sindh government in all possible scenarios. The Sindh government too, has not shown any reservations as regards CPEC, as they also very well understand that the value of CPEC is much more than small interests.

The outcome of the CPEC transit routes will hopefully have a positive impact on the lives of people involved and living around it. Construction of road is not the only objective, the main is to boost Pakistan’s economy, enhance trade within the region, develop industries that create employment and so on and so forth.

Certain sections have been propagating that the implementation of CPEC has gone at the backburner, and I would like to refute that. Both the Chinese and Pakistani sides are fully committed to the cause, and all efforts are underway to make the second phase of CPEC a roaring success.

The CPEC will open doors for employments to the Pakistani labour, skilled, and professional class, alike. The indirect impact of CPEC on employment must not be forgotten, as the industries that will support the whole CPEC initiative, have a lot to gain from and will grow leaps and bounds, creating more employment.

We have put great emphasis with our Chinese brothers working on CPEC, to include as many as Pakistani workforce possible, in the implementation of projects. The Prime Minister’s visit to China on the Belt & and Road Initiative shows the keenness and interest of this government to turn CPEC into a reality.

This is a clear indicator that Pakistan is moving on the right trajectory of growth and prosperity. We hope this visit will result into translation of MoUs signed earlier into agreements, and that would get things rolling again. Pak-China friendship will only grow stronger from this visit and I hope this will give CPEC more boost.

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