Veteran leftist Yousuf Mustikhan passes away – Newspaper

KARACHI: Yousuf Mustikhan, a veteran Baloch progressive leader and president of Awami Workers Party, died early on Thursday after a prolonged struggle against cancer, party and family sources said. He was 74... Read more »

Chinese impart training on solar solutions

ISLAMABAD-China’s leading solar solutions provider LONGi and ETRC have arranged training sessions on solar energy in Pakistan, which would play an important role in popularizing this safe and cheap energy option, Gwadar... Read more »

ECC will take up 11-point agenda today

ISLAMABAD: The Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) of the Cabinet will take up 11-point agenda including urgent advice relating to the award of the 5th international wheat tender for 0.3 MT. The meeting... Read more »

How China Misrepresented U.S. Flood Aid to Pakistan

Pakistan continues to reel from unprecedented flooding, which killed more than 1,600 people this year, displaced millions, ravaged crops, damaged nearly 2 million homes, and wiped out roads and other infrastructure. The... Read more »

SP Manzoor Buledi Transferred To Killa Saifullah

Mohammad Ali (@ChaudhryMAli88) Published September 29, 2022 | 09:09 PM Superintended of Police (SP) Nazoor Ahmad Buledi Coastal Highway N10 Zone II (Two) Gwadar has been transferred to Killa Saifullah as SP... Read more »

12 Pakistan Junior League foreign players reach Lahore | Press Release

Players to hold collective practice sessions at the National High Performance Centre over the weekend Arrival footage and interviews of the player available here Lahore, 29 September 2022: A total of 12... Read more »

To Attract Foreign Airlines, the Government Will Install Costly Security Features at 6 Airports

By considering security issues, the government of Pakistan has decided to install 39 hold or hand baggage scanning machines at six major airports in Pakistan. The estimated cost of these machines would... Read more »

China Is Arming Its ‘Satellite State’ Pakistan To Boost Its Navy & Challenge India, QUAD In Indian Ocean Region

OPED By Padma Shri KN Pandita Regarding the security challenges India faces, Admiral Kumar, the Navy chief, noted that China had maintained a continuous presence in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR) since... Read more »

India’s catch-22 dilemma on relations with Iran

Iran is vital for India’s energy security and connectivity plans — but New Delhi is in a bind on how to balance its cooperation with Tehran with its other bilateral ties Iran... Read more »